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MaeIDesign and Photography IMAGE LICENSE AGREEMENT
Created by MaeIDesign & Photography 612-568-MAEI (6234)


1 Grant of License
This Agreement grants LICENSEE an exclusive, lifetime and restricted use of the mentioned image on the following fields of use:  
● cover of the book (Self Published Only)
● promotion, advertisement and any other way
connected with the book on any fields of use (internet,
prints, electronically etc) Thus this Agreement prevents anyone else except LICENSEE to use the same image for
the same, or similar use. This license is non-exclusive on any other usages than mentioned above, and permits LICENSOR to license the image if agreement is not followed. LICENSOR warrants that it has all necessary rights and authority to enter into and perform this Agreement.

2 Permitted/Prohibited Uses 
The image may be used in printed and electronic version of the book world wide (Self Published Only) for the life of the book, including advertising on any field of use (internet, printed materials, etc).

LICENSEE may not use, or allow anyone to use the image on pornographic, libelous, obscene, fraudulent, illegal, or defamatory material.

LICENSEE may not sell, rent, lease, or sublicense the image to any other companies or entities not mentioned in this license agreement.

LICENSEE may not use the image in any manner that would be deemed offensive to the model.

3 Copyright
The image is copyright of Regina Wamba. No title, copyright, or intellectual property rights in the image are transferred with this license. Full rights and copyright remain with Regina Wamba.

4 Credit
A credit line should be included with the image that reads "Photo: ©MaeIDesign and Photography". When possible a link to should also be included.